Ethan Goes Waltzing Matilda

ETHANOur friend and co-worker, Ethan Bien, who has been a fundamental part of getting Tide Mill Creamery to where it is today, is marching off to the distant drumbeat of a new adventure. Ethan will be greatly missed, along with his witty charm, political awareness, scientific glee (complete with highly-coveted lab coat), occasional laughter-inspiring slip-ups, and heck, even his grandmotherly hand-writing for which he has endured so much teasing. Team Cream will hold a spot for him (and a hair net!) at the vat, or maybe the sink, into perpetuity should he have an overpowering hankering for cheese, thick dreamy yogurt, or the desire to produce great works of dairy artistry (or even just the Creamery’s “business” road trips, like New England Runner Sled Championship 2012!).

Don’t worry Tide Mill Creamery fans, you are still in many great hands, and we want nothing more than to keep rolling out the lovingly-made products and expanding upon them!

Ethan, we will miss you! We wish you the very best!


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