A Goatherd’s Botanical

Lucy on LedgeGoats are as graceful on rocks as trout swimming in a stream.

Alpine with LupinesWinona suns herself (don’t worry, she can’t reach the lupines!).

Alpines climbing


goats lying by ledgeWelcome to the goats’ living-room.

barefoot with goatsBarefoot with goats is a good way to live.
close up winona Emmy in tree garlic and chives goat  in jungle goat on hill at dusk nasturtium and shoes yearlings at dusk yearlings at dusk 2

A Goatherd’s Botanical:

Follow Tillie and Fannie, Philomena, Ramona, Sofie, and Beatrice over the hill. Weave through saplings with Eleanor, Lillian, Patti, and Nova. The rest flow around you, a river of goats, spilling down the hillside and into the pasture.

Combine a low ceiling of clouds with ragged glimpses of blue sky beyond, the blooming of wild pear, and the sound of many goats moving through brush, snipping and chewing. Blend new raspberry leaves with tender boquets of red maple, and the soft pale buds of big-tooth aspen. Here find some sorrel close to the ground, the beginnings of goldenrod, the heads of dandelions. Throw in a cherry blossom and the invisible architecture of birdsong.

This is the makings of your milk. This is the soul of your cheese.


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