Farewell and thank you Nick!


After some enormously busy, exciting (think July hurricane), and productive months at Tide Mill Creamery, our apprentice, Nick, is returning to his life in New Hampshire where he works as a teacher. He will now be able to regale his students with tales of high action and adventure on Tide Mill Farm: running with goats, running with pigs, weeding cabbages, attending farmer’s markets, packing sauerkraut, dish-washing in the Creamery, hanging greek yogurt, cheese affinage, more dishes, unusual and extravagant lunches (and, of course, pizza nights) and especially the grand finale of watching Star Wars in the hoop-house with a projector, a large sheet, and a herd of very curious goats (who now want light sabers).

Nick has been a tremendous help to all of us here at a pivotal point in our development. We can’t thank him enough. He will be missed by everyone–especially the kids (goat and human) with whom he has been quite generous and engaging.

Good luck to you Nick with all that you do!!! We look forward to your visits and hope you can bring some of your students to the farm!



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