Hey Good Folks! Come Visit Us at the Common Ground Fair!


Please come find us at the Common Ground Country Fair this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Tide Mill has a booth in both the Rose and Pine Gate Farmer’s Markets. Not only will we have our usual delights—such as our gourmet yogurts, including our Blueberry Maple and Maple-Walnut Greek Yogurt Parfaits, BUT we are bringing a multitude of NEW and EXCITING offerings such as raw milk aged cheeses like gouda and jack, a goat/cow blended-milk camembert sprinkled with a delicate layer of ash, feta, luscious little tubs of fresh cheese flavored with herbs and sea salt, and the “rockstar” of the creamery, our outrageously great (and great for you) kefir. In addition to offering Plain, Maple, Blueberry, and Cinnamon-Vanilla Kefir, we now have Coffee Kefir too! Whoa boy, you better get to us fast. We have a whole array of Fermented Feast organic sauerkrauts for you to try–Fierce Life Kim Chi, Deep Down Dulse, Sturdy Kraut, and Ginger Jive Carrots to name just a few. We highly recommend the krauts slathered on some of our organic custom link “Whey-Good” pork sausages from our pastured and whey-fed pigs. We even have Tide Mill Creamery T-shirts for you if you want to sport your support of local farming and food. We love the Fair. We love connecting with you. Please come on by and try some cheese, or sausage, or kraut, or grab a bottle of kefir and pound it. Celebrate the harvest! Celebrate community, and local food, and life!







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