Little Blooms


2 thoughts on “Little Blooms

  1. Rachel:

    Perhaps your site is not working right? Little Blooms does not open. Nor does Honest to Goodness. Of course, I suppose it’s possible the photos are the poems themselves….

    A friend of mine – a long-time New Englander – has recently moved to Hawai’i for family reasons. I send him your prose poems and photos – a lifeline he says, to his roots.

    My wife and I have recently returned to New England after 35 years out west, mostly in California. Your poems remind us why returned, and make us joyful that we did.

    Bill & Judy Scoble


    • Hi Bill,

      Sorry to give false hope—those were, in fact, just photos I was posting . . . thank you so much for your feedback on my poems, though. It is wonderful to know that something which brings me such joy in its creation, is also appreciated and received by others. I will be posting more poetry soon!

      Warmest Regards, Rachel Tide Mill Creamery Edmunds, ME 04628

      On Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 12:39 PM, Tide Mill Creamery wrote:



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