Little Bloom wins first place at ACS!

2015-Winner-Graphic (1)

We are very proud to announce that our Little Bloom won first place in its category at this year’s American Cheese Society Competition. What makes this cheese a winner? We believe it is the care our team puts into every step of the process, beginning with the milk given by our goats and the cows of Tide Mill. Both herds graze a wide array of native flora each day and are managed 100% organically. Therefore, the essence of Little Bloom is red clover and timothy, raspberry, maple, and birch leaves, goldenrod, sorrel, and rosa rugosa. This cheese is truly a reflection of the wild and beautiful place where we live. It is our love letter to the land.

2 thoughts on “Little Bloom wins first place at ACS!

  1. Rachel- Do you want a booth to sell your wonderful products at the Salmon Festival September 6, 10-4pm? Cost is 25 dollars. We are trying to show off the wonderful foods we get from this area and yours are so good. I can mail you an application via email or snail mail. Chouan said you had done the Belfast show together. We have heard back from Boldcoast Sea vegetables and they plan to have a booth, too- Mike said something about doing one with you- whatever works.

    Jeanne Peacock

    853-6122, 214-1855

  2. Congratulations! I would like to place an order for your last Tuesday Orono Farmers Market visit so that I can stock up on my favorite cheese. I was born (60 years ago!) with a cow milk allergy so have waited a long time for your wonderful goat cheese. Yes, I know, there are other goat cheese makers around, but yours is the best! Please bring me 8 Frida’s and 4 plain goat cheese. I would also like to purchase one of the Little Bloom if that is possible since my poor husband is always last when it comes to cheese and it sounds wonderful!Thank you,Holly Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2015 19:53:49 +0000 To:


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