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Fromage Blanc

Located on Maine’s rugged and beautiful Downeast coast, Tide Mill Farm has been in the Bell family for nine generations. Tide Mill Creamery, owned and operated by Rachel Bell and Nate Horton, was founded in 2010, born of a passion for the precious connections between food and place. 

We take joy in crafting certified organic cheese, yogurt, and kefir in small batches in our licensed facility right on the farm. All of our milk is produced on farm as well. Our herd of Nubian goats browse the woodland pastures around our home and the cows’ milk we buy in from Rachel’s cousin at Tide Mill Organic Farm, comes from cows that are rotationally grazed on seaside fields all summer.

Our products are pure, simple, and traditional, made the way they’ve been made for centuries. We never use additives or fillers of any kind. Our animals consume nothing but grass, leaves, hay, water, sunshine, minerals and moderate amounts of grain. Their feed is free of herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, and GMOs. 

We believe in terroir, the “taste of place” that makes our products unique in all the world, inextricably tied to this one beloved saltwater farm. The thrill is that we can share this place with you—with each delightful mouthful. Customers who choose our products can feel good knowing that they are supporting local family farming and helping to keep a vital Maine tradition alive.


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Tide Mill Creamery
Rachel Bell & Nate Horton
103 Tide Mill Road
Edmunds, ME 04628

(207) 271-6654