Meet Team Cream!


Rachel Bell lives with her husband, Nate, and her three children, Finn, Inez, and Jonah, on the same beloved farm she was raised on. When she is not stirring giant vats of milk, she enjoys romping around  pastures with farm animals (especially those darling and adventurous goats), growing, fermenting and eating sundry vegetables, enjoying picnics and camping in the wilds of her own backyard, writing love poems to the land, and singing and dancing on stage with her band The Milk & Honey Rebellion. Her aspirations include mastering cheeses that do not yet exist (but for which she has already chosen names), writing a book that hovers on that fine edge between fiction and truth, and crossing the continent on horseback (okay, and winning the Brooks Field Day Arm-Wrestling Championship).


Nate Horton grew up on an organic farm in Montville, Maine. He now farms with his wife, Rachel, on her family’s remote and historic saltwater farm. Most mornings and evenings, Nate can be found tending to the needs of around sixty bright-eyed, curious, and sometimes trouble-making goats who hold a sacred place as the “working mothers” and milk producers of Tide Mill Creamery. When his hands aren’t busy with udders, Nate enjoys growing (and eating) vegetables (especially potatoes), romping and wrestling with pigs, trout-fishing, studying Buddhist philosophy, splitting wood by hand, shimmying up birch trees in search of chaga, and dreaming about logging with draft horses again someday. He once held the title of “Blueberry Pie-Eating Champion of Montville” for three years in a row (which is no great surprise to those who know and love him).